Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Oreo Ice Cream Cake

So this totally happened. Yup, this beast is now my pride and joy. I feel so creative and culinary. Even know I don’t think culinary really applies to this because most of this bad boy is no bake and the freezer does all the work. I just assemble. But look at it! My hubby who is the biggest sweets hater of all time told me it was awesome. HUGE smile from this girl. 

I love ice cream cakes. I usually only ask for them on my birthday because I don’t even want to imagine how many calories are in them. Especially this one, but since it doesn’t come with a nutritional label and I’m not going to go look at each items calories per serving then heck, this bad boy is getting devoured.

Since this is a dessert of epic proportions I am just going to leave this post short and sweet and have this beauty take the stage! Am I overly dramatic yet? Good!


1 8×8 brownie mix and ingredients called for on package
1 tub chocolate frosting (I only had white but added cocoa powder to it, yum)
2 rows crushed Oreos
1.5 quart vanilla ice cream (let sit out about 30 minutes)
Chocolate syrup
1 8oz container cool whip


Bake brownies in 9″ spring-form pan according to package. When done, set aside to cool completely. When cooled top brownie layer with your chocolate frosting. Next add about 1/2 of the Oreo crumbs. Top crumbs with ice cream and spread with spatula. Drizzle your chocolate syrup on top of ice cream, covering it as best as you can. Spread the cool whip on top and sprinkle with remaining Oreo crumbs. Place in freezer for 2 hours then serve.

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17 thoughts on “Oreo Ice Cream Cake

  1. I do love ice cream cake. I’ve never made one but my sister in law made one the last time she visited and I’ve decided this summer I want to try my hand at it. Your recipe looks delicious! Thanks so much for sharing it with us at #FoodieFriDIY! I’ll be sharing it on my Facebook page on Saturday afternoon, hope you’ll stop by! 🙂


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