Pollo Fundido

Pollo Fundido

My post is so late this morning. My 6-year-old asked me so sweetly to make him some pancakes and obviously I couldn’t say no. It then turned into a competition on how big mom could make a pancake and actually keep it together. Might I say that I did a pretty good job. Maybe I made an overwhelming amount of pancakes but at least they save pretty well. 

Today I’m going to share with you my all time favorite Mexican dish. I have been craving this for a few weeks now but haven’t gotten a chance to get to go to our local Mexican place. Is it bad that seriously every time I go I order the same thing? It’s just so absolutely amazing that I cannot help myself when it comes to this dish! What are some of your favorite Mexican dishes?

This is chalked full of chicken, sautéed onions, melted cheese sauce, green chiles, and spices. I am so happy that I can recreate this at home and save me $10+ by going out. At the restaurant this is served on a plate along side lettuce, refried beans, rice and tortillas. I eat it either the way it is, or sometimes I add it onto the tortillas and make it a taco. Either way is absolutely delicious so choose what you’d like to do!

Recipe adapted from: Neagle’s Nest


2 chicken breasts, cut in half lengthwise
1 large onion, cut into slices
Chili salt (recipe to follow)
1 (15 oz) can Queso Blanco (this is the brand we use, found at Wal-Mart)
1 (4 oz) can green chiles

Chili Salt:
1/8 cup sea salt
1/8 cup chili powder
1/8 tsp cayenne peppers
Dash paprika
Dash pepper


On stove in butter or oil saute your onions until tender, remove from pan and set aside. Sprinkle your chicken breasts with desired amount of chili salt and cook on both sides until done. Meanwhile while chicken is cooking in small bowl mix together your Queso Blanco and your green chiles, set aside. When chicken is done, remove beasts from pan and slice into strips. Add your chicken and your onions back to pan. Pour your Queso Blanco mix over the top of chicken. Cover and simmer on low until Queso is melted and bubbly. Serve with tortillas, rice, lettuce, beans or any other desired side dish. Enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “Pollo Fundido

  1. Yum! It is nice when you find out you can make your favorite restaurant dishes at home. Sometimes you really crave that favorite dish but don’t want to make the trek! This looks amazing. I think it would be a winner at my house!


    • I know right! My hubby got me a copcat restaurant recipes book awhile back and have made a few things outta there but it’s always a good feeling being able to recreate something and save some money for sure.


  2. Oh yum! This sounds so fantastic. Mexican is my absolute favorite food, beside chocolate. I’m going to make this for sure. I’d love for you to come over to Fearlessly Creative Mammas and link this up to our link party, Tips and Tricks. We start it on Monday nights at 7pm mst. I found your post through Lou Lou Girls. I will be pinning and printing this yummy recipe!


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