Mexican Street Corn

Mexican Street Corn

Good morning to all my lovely readers and happy Friday. I hope everyone has some awesome weekend plans. I can’t believe we are in our last month of Summer vacation from school. I’ve been reading on some other posts on how their kids go back next week or started back this week, all I can say is wow. My kids sure are lucky, they don’t have to go back until September 8th. So they better enjoy this nice Minnesota weather we have been having because in about 10 weeks we will be complaining about how cold it is and the snow will start flying. 

This post is kind of part 2 of yesterdays Pollo Fundido, I use the same chili salt recipe from there on these. We had both these together as a meal the other night and they paired really well. This has become the only way my husband will eat his corn. Can I make a confession? Don’t think I’m weird, or an awful person please. I don’t care for corn on the cob. Yup, I said it. My family gives me grief all the time because of it. It’s not like I don’t like corn because I do. It’s just the way I have to work for it or biting it off the cob that doesn’t do it for me. Although, this stuff is really good. I have seen around the blogosphere that they make this into a corn salad so I may have to try that.

This recipe is amazingly simple and doesn’t take too many ingredients. And in the end you’ll have yourself a very moist and flavorful piece of corn. We love playing around with flavors on the things that you really didn’t think could get any better. I think my husband wrapped a few more of these bad boys up (did I mention we roasted them in the oven?) and sprinkled with different spices. So next time you go and get yourself some ears of corn, check this recipe out, it might become your favorite.

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4-5 ears of corn, husked and washed
1/4 cup mayonnaise
2 Tbs Mexican crema (can use sour cream or creme fraiche as well)
Pinch of garlic salt
2 Tbs lime juice

1/2 cup parmesan cheese (can use cojita or any mexican crumbling cheese)
Chili Salt (or chili powder)
Chopped fresh cilantro


Pre-heat your oven to 350. Wrap each ear of corn in tin foil and place on cookie sheet in oven and bake/roast for 30 minutes. Meanwhile in small bowl mix together your mayonnaise, Mexican crema, garlic salt and lime juice and set aside. When corn is done cooking, remove from oven and unwrap. Brush each ear with the mayonnaise mixture then sprinkle on cheese, chili salt and cilantro. Serve and enjoy!

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